Vendor Surveillance Inspection

Vendor Surveillance Inspection normally referred to as "Third Party Inspection", "Witness Inspection" or "Source Inspection" is provided by Oil & Gas Technologies Private Limited throughout the process of projects whether it is in Asia or Internationally.

Our clients provide Purchase Orders and Procurement Specifications for products or services procured. Qualified inspection personnel are being assigned to witness predetermined Quality Control inspections & tests, review material certifications, weld procedures and monitor specific processes. Vendor Surveillance Inspection provides the Purchaser assurance that the receiving materials are met with the specified requirements prior delivery and minimize downtime.

The essential value and need of Vendor Surveillance Inspection can be evaluated on the some basic questions. And they are:
  • Does the ordered product require the supplier to implement any special controls to meet specifications?
  • Are the installed products in a critical application?
  • Will failure of the materials have a serious impact on personnel health & safety or the environment?
  • Will defective materials identified in the final production or integration have a serious impact on the project?
  • What additional costs could these delays add to the project?
  • How many contractors, sub-contractors and management levels do the requirements have to pass through before they reach the shop floor where work is performed?
  • These are only the few of many reasons that make Vendor Surveillance Inspection a wise investment.