Quality Plan

An effective Inspection Program will establish a Quality Plan with the manufacturer so that both parties understand their responsibilities and objectives. The Quality Plan should address as follows:
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive tests required for the individual components.
  • Identification of the approved drawings, material specifications, weld procedures, destructive and non-destructive test procedures.
  • Material requirements.
  • Performance / Functional Test Requirements.
  • Responsibilities of the supplier, purchaser and OGT Inspector.

Quality Plan should identify specific test, inspections, and other relevant records where witnessing, monitoring or review points apply. There should be sufficient prior notification of Purchaser and / or Oil & Gas Technologies Pte Ltd Inspector prior to scheduled witness, hold and monitor points.

Industrial mark requirements such as API, Monogram, ASME Stamp, CE Mark, or others, as applicable. When Quality Plan is required as part of the request for Quotation, supplier is aware of the Purchaser's commitment to quality and clear understanding of what is expected and can be identified in the initial stages.

Oil & Gas Technologies Pte Ltd maintains a staff of highly skilled and qualified professionals to assist in review of Quality Plans and Procedures to assure purchaser requirements are understood and defined by the manufacturer prior to production.

The Witness, Monitor and Hold points include:
  • Review of material certifications for chemical, mechanical testing and heat treatment.
  • Witness, monitor or review weld procedure and welder qualification tests or records.
  • Witness ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrate examinations.
  • Review of radiographic film to verify appropriate interpretations made by NDE personnel.
  • Witnessing of dimensional and hardness testing.
  • Witness or monitoring special process operations, such as welding or heat treatment of critical components, complex materials or special alloys.
  • Witness final functional, pressure and / or performance testing.
  • Monitoring of coating applications to assure maximum protection throughout the product's service life.
  • Witness tests for products designed for applications requiring strict cleanliness and freedom from contaminations.