Oil & Gas Technologies Pte Ltd

Oil & Gas Technologies Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on June 2001 as an Inspection & Expediting company.

Our aim is to provide quality services for Inspection & Expediting to our customer's requirements, to assist and to enhance in the progress of the work process. The industries that we have served include the marine, petrochemical, oil & gas, energy and local hardware stockists.

Since our incorporation, our customers are demanding value in the form of quality at a competitive price. The wide range of Inspection & Expediting services rendered to our customers have been selected based on quality, knowledge and our desire to further upgrade ourselves to serve customer's need better. Therefore, we are committed to provide the most reliable yet cost effective Inspection & Expediting services with quality assured and controlled, coupled with reliable test equipments and solutions beneficial to our highly value customers.

We aim to consistently achieve customer satisfaction by providing them quality and excellent service at competitive prices. Qualified with necessary technical knowledge and commercial experience of our staffs and management, we strive to be a dedicated and reliable partner to our customers for all their quality needs and requirements.

Our Values

We believe nothing will take precedence over safe working.
We believe combined effort and morale to delivers top performance. We encourage cooperation, shared success and mutually beneficial relationships.
We respect individual for their commitment, capabilities and diversity.
We are ethical and trustworthy, to ourselves and all around us.
We believe human resources is an asset to us in our growth and achievement. Continuous training and upgrading are necessary towards our enhancement.
We shall accomplished our mission in all effort to achieve our vision.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to setting the standard of excellence in everything we do and to provide cost effective products and services with consistent achievement of customer satisfaction.

We believe by combining our spirit and strength; together can S. T. R. I. D. E beyond to achieve our objective


What we offer

Coating Inspection
Functional Testing - Electrical, Mechanical and Instruments
Pre-shipment Inspection
Project QA / QC Co-ordination
Third-Party Inspection / Certification
Valve Testing
Welding Inspection
Wellhead / Tubular
Welders / Welding Qualification Test